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3D Chart Calculator

Natal Chart Calculator

StarWise 3D Natal Chart Calculator presents instant charts and reports for your birth place.  The key difference between what StarWise and others provide, is in the 3-Dimensional aspects.  Compare your ecliptic and right ascension views of your the charts and reports.  See the Celebrity Examples showing key differences revealed with 3-D astrology.

The best way for you to see if your chart has major differences when viewed in 3-D, is by selecting Aspects & Midpoints Grid as the type of output.  This view shows differences in your chart very well.  You can print the result and compare the two charts easily.  If you want to know what the differences mean, read the new ebook "Your Right Horoscope" or send an email request for Personal Consultation Information.

Step 1

Choose which chart, forecast, report or map you want.

House System:

Select type of output:

Step 2

Enter in your birth data. Questions... see the Birth Time FAQ
You must enter a birth date & time to produce a chart...
Birth Date:
Month: Day: Year:
Birth Time:
  : AM PM
Time Standard:
Standard Time Daylight Savings (or War) Time
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Step 3

Enter only your birth city (not the state)
Birth City:

Step 4 : Complete for email Chart delivery

Enter your name and email address

Names your chart(s)



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